Our physicians treat all surgical conditions related to the foot and ankle, including bone, tendon, ligament, and muscle attachments that affect the proper functioning of the foot and ankle. While many of our patients will never need surgery, we will help you understand what can be best for you. If surgery is the right answer for you, please know that at Central Oklahoma Foot & Ankle you have the widest possible choices of advanced surgical solutions. Some examples of the exceptional types of services we are able to provide are:

Major Foot and Ankle Trauma

We provide surgical repair of significant multiple injuries, fractures, and tissue damage from accident or mishap. This advanced surgery is enhanced by our use of the Ilizarov-technique, an external ‘halo-type’ stabilization to secure proper alignment and healing especially when bone has fractured into small, unstable fragments


Traditional techniques might choose to cure a failing joint by fusing the bone into a solid non-flexing element, or by insertion of pins or screws that protect the joint but restrict movement. Our physicians have other options and often are able to retain flexibility with treatment using reliable small joint implants, or even total-ankle implant “artificial ankles.”

Charcot Foot Repair

This is when disease, circulation loss, and/or nerve damage reach advanced stages the process can destroy bone and soft tissue of the foot. Often, the foot can be saved from amputation only by advanced surgical intervention to repair bone through internal fusion and external stabilization.

Tissue Graft

This is when disease, pressure points, or injury cause damage to the skin of the foot and ankle, surgical intervention can often enhance recovery. Our physicians are leading the way in wound healing through the use of outstanding new skin products that outperform traditional grafting materials.

Surgical Repair of Hallux Valgus or Bunion

Surgery may include repair of tendons or ligaments, fusion of bones of the joint, implantation of an artificial joint connector, removal of boney tissue and realignment of bones of the joint.

Gastrocnemius Recession

This is a surgical release, or lengthening, of a muscle of the calf. Usually this procedure is in conjunction with repair of other related complications that can include plantar fasciitis, mid-foot pain, ankle immobility or other complaints. Our physicians perform this repair endoscopically to minimize injury and shorten recovery times.